Organisation (WP4)

WP4 (“Organisation”) has to organise the QIST related events and to communicate the project's results beyond the scientific community. The main task of this workpackage is to organise the 7th European QIPC Workshop that will be held in October 2006 in London and to organise the transfer of the results to funding organisations, ministries, and other non-scientific bodies relevant for future developments within the area of QIST.

A newsletter will be sent out regularly, documentation about the project results (deliverables, minutes, etc.) will be done on the website in different areas (public, non-public) in order to ensure direct/synchronous/pull and indirect/asynchronous/push information up to date.

Another task will be to administer the not yet allocated budget and to transfer parts of the budget to not directly funded partners to cover cost directly related to the ERAPilot QIST (e.g. travel expenses for visiting workshops or symposia).

WP4 will be led by BMVIT (Austria).